Get Instant Access To The Fitness Industry’s Best Staff Training System…
And Now You Can Finally Utilize This Game Changer To Deliver Better Results, Maximize Retention & Referral and Grow Your Business Without Compromising The Quality Of Your Service.
Have you ever wondered how some fitness businesses seem to be able to add coaches and never compromise the quality of their service?

The answer is simple… 

They Have A Coach Development System.
In a moment I’ll tell you how you can get your own plug-and-play Coaching Development System and finally be able to grow your business without having to work 70 or 80 hours a week…

…But first, I’d like to share with you 4 Impact Factors that having a Coaching Development System can unlock in your business to allow you to enjoy the income, impact and lifestyle you deserve as an entrepreneur. 
These Impact Factors could be the difference between you just getting by and finally having the business that you originally set out to own …so pay close attention.
Most ‘Business Fixes’ Will NOT Significantly Improve Your Business…In Fact, Unless You Can Add A Staff, You’re Destined To Become A Prisoner Of Your Own Success
It’s no secret that most fitness business solutions promise to get your more clients, make you more money or give you more freedom…those are the ‘hot buttons’ that we all respond to.

But did you realize that almost all of these solutions fail to actually make any significant, lasting impact toward giving you the business you want? 
See, either you’ll never have the time to do what they tell you because you’re training pretty much every session…

…or if the tactics they give you do work, every client you add will go on your schedule and you’ll never have any freedom for your self. 

But I get it…you don’t want to hire trainers or coaches that don’t maintain the standards you’ve set for your clients. 

You have a brand…a reputation to protect. 

You don’t want to lose any clients because the coach you hired wasn’t good enough. 

Your business is your baby and you can’t hire someone that will make it look bad. 

Plus…we all know a great business is built from the inside-out and it all starts with great coaching.

So if the people you hire can’t coach…your business is being built on the flimsiest of foundations. 

But if you do have a coach development system in place, not only will you create some freedom for yourself, but you’ll also unlock the impact factors that are at the core of the business that you want… 

Retention is a reflection of value, pure and simple. If clients feel like they’re getting tremendous value in return for their investment, they stay. If not, they look for somewhere else to train.

So what is Value for the client? 

Results and Experience. 

So you need to be delivering the results your clients want and you need to make them feel like the hour they spend in your facility is the best hour of their day. 

And there is no marketing or sales strategy on the planet that can ‘outrun’ poor retention. 
Maybe you have a staff in place, but if you’re like most fitness business owners, you’re in a dangerous spot.

Your clients feel like they’re actually your trainers’ clients…and their loyalty is to your staff rather than your coaching system and your gym. 

Because of that, the employees hold more power than they should. You feel like you have to keep them or when they leave your clients will leave with them. 

Or even worse…you have some trainers who aren’t meeting your standards but you don’t have a plan that will allow you to replace them and you don’t want to take on their training hours. 

The answer is to have a Coaching System that will allow you to onboard trainers and quickly groom them to become great ambassadors for your business. When you have that in place, you can grow as quickly as you want and never compromise your quality. 
As business owners, all too often we think we have a lead generation program but the truth is that if you’re an established business a significant portion of your new business should be coming from within. The best businesses in the industry are driven from the inside.
This begins with social proof…it’s the foundation of your marketing efforts. If you don’t have a portfolio of documented success stories that prove you are the best solution for your ideal clients, you’re forced to compete on price instead of value. Think about any successful infomercial…they’re all built on social proof.   

Then, once we’ve delivered results that can be documented – you can finally enjoy a referral driven business. You’ve created an experience that your clients will want to share with their friends…and we all know that the best prospects are referrals. They come pre-sold…pre-disposed to do business with you. 

And it all starts with delivering a best in class coaching experience. 
The truth of the matter is this…without a great coaching system you’ll never have the benefit of leverage.

If you have your own expert coaching system in place…all of your efforts are multiplied. 

You bring a new client in and you can know that they’ll get great results, stay forever and become a walking, talking billboard for your business.  

Instead of one new client replacing a client you couldn’t retain…that new client becomes two, then three…all because they had an extraordinary experience. 

And the best part is that you can add those new clients without adding to your workload because you have a system in place that allows your coaches to deliver the same type of world class experience that you would. 
So, What Is The Answer?
If you want to own a business rather than simply being self-employed…it’s really simple:
You have to hire and develop a team.
And in the same way that you bring out the best in your clients…you must bring out the best in your team.
But the challenge is obvious. You’ve been honing your craft as a fitness professional for years in order to help your clients reach their potential…

…so are you going to have to invest the same time (likely thousands of hours) in becoming the leader you need to be for your own staff? 

You need a coaching system that is specifically designed to deliver results, develop your team and create a culture in your business that allows you to both grow while also maintaining extraordinary quality…and this system has to be easy to implement because it doesn’t matter what you know…only what you do. 

Now you could try to piece together various concepts and ideas to address all the components of a great coaching system…and do it in the time that you have. 

However, I have a MUCH better answer... 

Introducing: The most effective, easy to implement coach development system ever offered to fitness professionals …. 
Introducing The Expert Coaching System
The is a complete, coaching development system that was designed for you, the fitness business owner who wants to build your Ideal Business from the inside-out by hiring and developing high quality trainers who can execute your training system at an elite level. 

If this sounds like you, then The Expert Coaching System is your answer. 
Why Should You Believe Us?
Over the past decade I’ve probably worked closely with more fitness business owners than anyone on the planet, from being the CEO of a leading fitness franchise to leading some of the most prominent coaching programs in the industry. So when I saw what Fred Zoller had done to grow his business from scratch to over 400 clients in just 3 short years…all built on the inside-out approach…I knew I had to work with him to share it with you.

Rather than me give you Fred’s story, let’s let his share it…

If I did not have the experience myself, I probably would not believe it either. On May 13th 2013, I opened up LEAN Training Studio in a 1000 square foot space in a strip mall. I was the only trainer. Within 7 short months and 67 clients later, I moved to a 5000 square foot facility.
At this point I was searching for some coaches to help me staff my new facility. When I hired the first coach, I quickly realized I would need to train him to move away from being a “trainer” to a coach who could replicate the proven system that I implemented years ago and guarantee our clients would get results and have the client experience they have never seen before.

I began meeting with him on a weekly basis to cover every aspect of coaching and together we watched his clientele and my business grow exponentially. Even better than this, he was so excited that he recruited 2 other college grads as interns and this was the birth of the Expert Coaching System!
May 13th 2016 will make 3 years in business and LEAN Performance Academy is now in a brand new 8000 square foot facility coaching over 400 clients. And as of today, we have more leads and clients than coaches! I firmly believe our coaching system has become an unstoppable lead-generating machine.

The Only System Of It’s Kind
While most programs, products or certifications are designed to either give you a training system to use or teach you how to employ a certain tool effectively, The Expert Coaching System focuses on how you can hire and develop your own team of coaches…regardless of the programming or tools that you utilize.

See, we believe that the real magic regarding what we do is in the coaching.  
People need a coach. People need to have someone believe in them. They need someone to motivate them and to hold them accountable.
In short…we believe that everyone needs a coach and the better coaches that you and your team are, the better your business will be.

Fred has pulled back the curtain on exactly how he’s grown his business and developed a great team through a coaching driven approach…and he’s giving you the exact blueprint he’s followed so you can achieve the same results that he’s been able to accomplish without having to reinvent the wheel. 

Sure - you could try to adapt a bunch of other resources and programs to try to fit your unique needs and spend hours upon hours modifying something into a simple, system that allows you to transform your team’s performance and your business as a whole. 

But WHY waste your time?  

With the simple to follow plan inside the Expert Coaching System all you have to do put the system into action. EVERYTHING is laid out for you step-by-step. 
Yes, You Can Hire And Develop A Great Team And Stop Being A Slave To Your Business …Even If You’ve Tried To Grow Your Staff And Failed In The Past
It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried in the past to develop great coaches…hiring experienced trainers, bringing on interns, grooming clients…my guess is that none of these ‘solutions’ actually worked the way you wanted for long.

See, while hiring the right person is important…how we develop them is equally key. In the same way that we bring out the best in our clients, we have to bring out the best in ourselves and in our team. 

That’s the beauty of the Expert Coaching System.  

If YOU want to… 

• Help your clients achieve better results…
Create a referral army of clients who can’t stop talking about your business…
• Become the best coach you can be…
• Finally be able to hire and develop a team that is awesome…

Then the Expert Coaching System is for you.
This Is NOT For Everyone
Look, the Expert Coaching System is NOT for everyone.

We specifically designed the Expert Coaching System system for fitness business owners who want to deliver more than just workouts and actually create an experience for their coaches and clients that is truly extraordinary. 

This is not a quick fix or some other gimmick.   

It will require some effort…you not only have to learn the system, but you actually will have to implement it. 

So if you’re unmotivated, if you’re looking for a ‘magic pill’ that will somehow transform your business or if you are, yourself, uncoachable …this is NOT for you. 

But if you want to finally own a business instead of a job by developing coaches that allow your business to grow beyond your own shadow…the Expert Coaching System is your answer.
Here’s What You Get In The Expert Coaching System
The Expert Coaching System is a comprehensive, professionally designed coaching development program where Fred personally coaches you through the first ever system specifically designed to do everything from onboard coaches to maximize their effectiveness.

The magic of this system is in it’s ability to unlock the potential you and your team have to bring out the best in each client and to create true advocates for your business. 

You’ll get… 
21 compact and concise videos used to educate you and your staff to coach with confidence while promoting your philosophy, building a strong team and giving you a system to do it.
12 PDF documents with notes to follow along with the video presentations to adapt to your facility and your ideal coaches.
All you have to do is follow the format of the Expert Coaching system and be confident that you and your staff become “world class coaches and watch your facility grow exponentially. 
  •    Done For You 8-Week Internship Curriculum - You can modify this curriculum to ensure that your internship program and your interns are trained properly and ready to become world class coaches.
  •    Staff Meeting Template - Use this staff meeting template to execute very effective staff meetings with education and team building built in the format.
  •    Coaching Staff Evaluation Template - Use this template to evaluate your coaching staff and ensure that their performance is always top notch or constantly improving.
  •    Intern Requirements Template - Use this template to assist you with your hiring process to make sure you are getting your ideal coach.
  •    Internship Flyer Template - Use this flyer to execute an effective email or Facebook campaign to help get a steady flow of interns.
  •    20 Qualities Of Expert Coaches - Take these 20 qualities and use the Expert Coaching System as a tool to slowly make sure you possess each one of them!
If You’re STILL On The Fence, Please Consider THIS…
You may not be a big fan of what I’m about to say, but it’s important nonetheless.

Here are the undeniable FACTS for most fitness business owners. 

You’re going to get burned out if you don’t do something. No one wants to train 50, 60 or even 70 hours a week for the next 30 years. 

You either have a team now or will eventually need to employ one…no one opens a business wanting to work 52 weeks a year and feel like they’re owned by their business. 

While most trainers and coaches will ignore these simple facts, the truth is that unless you hire coaches to help you, you’re almost assured of giving up completely due to burnout. 

But by plugging in a simple coaching system you can grow your business, create some freedom for yourself and finally have the business you’ve always wanted. 

Just Click “Add to Cart” Below To Gain Instant Access To The Expert Coaching System For Just $195

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Dedicated to Your Success,
Pat Rigsby

P.S. – Warning: If you don’t take control now and do this now, then you risk settling for a business that has less impact that it’s capable of having and producing less income and freedom for you than you deserve.

You deserve to have a world class business. You’re willing to make the effort. All you need is the right plan to follow…and the Expert Coaching System is that plan. 

P.S.S. – You have my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, I’m giving you a full 60 days to use the Expert Coaching System with zero risk. If it hasn’t allowed you to start building the business that you want from the inside-out …I will give you a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. You finally have a program that is designed specifically to help you and your team deliver extraordinary coaching. Grab it right now, RISK-FREE. 
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