Get Instant Access To A Fitness Internship Manual Used to Create World-Class Coaches That’s Better Than Most Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certifications…
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The Fitness Internship Manual
Get Instant Access To A Fitness Internship Manual Used to Create World-Class Coaches That’s Better Than Most Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certifications…
Where should we send your manual?
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You Can Use This Manual To Deliver Amazing Results, Guarantee Your Retention, Grow Your Business and Deliver World-Class Service And Results.
You know as well as I do, personal training certifications fall very short of helping coaches and business owners get amazing results and have their coaches to do the same and never compromise the quality of their service?

How? The answer is simple… 

They Have An Internal Training System That Goes Beyond The Typical Personal Training Certification

Get your own plug-and-play internship manual and finally be able to grow as a coach or as a business owner without having to spend the countless hours of making up the material lost between getting certified and actually becoming successful. 

If I did not have the experience myself, I probably would not believe it either. On May 13th 2013, I opened up LEAN Training Studio (now LEAN Performance Academy) in a 1000 square foot space in a strip mall. I was the only trainer. Within 7 short months and 67 clients later, I moved to a 5000 square foot facility. 
At this point I was searching for some coaches to help me staff my new facility. When I hired the first coach, I quickly realized I would need to train him to move away from being a “trainer” to a coach who could replicate the proven system that I implemented years ago and guarantee our clients would get results and have the client experience they have never seen before. 

I began meeting with him on a weekly basis to cover every aspect of coaching and together we watched his clientele and my business grow exponentially. Even better than this, he was so excited that he recruited 2 other college grads as interns and this was the beginning of huge things for LEAN Performance Academy! 
May 13th 2017 will make 4 years in business and LEAN Performance Academy is now in a brand new 8000 square foot facility coaching over 500 clients. And as of today, we have more leads and clients than coaches! I firmly believe my training system has become an unstoppable lead-generating machine.

It’s no secret that most personal training certifications promise to get your more clients, make you more money or give you more freedom but they simply don’t. There are too many trainers trying to work that have a certification but no real idea how to get, keep or maintain a successful clientele.  

Almost all training certifications fail to actually make any substantial, lasting impact toward giving you the skills needed to succeed as a coach or have the business you want?  

Every great training career begins with great coaching.  

The challenge is that becoming a great coach does not happen overnight and usually takes years of experience to genuinely develop.  

If you haven’t developed into a great coach or have a team of great coaches, your business is not built on a solid foundation.  

However, if you have a system in place to truly develop, you will see the benefits of great coaching almost immediately! 
Here are the Benefits of World-Class Coaching:
  • Results:
Let’s face it; at the end of the day, you will have to able to produce real, lasting results for your clients.
  • Retention:
If your client’s results and their experience is phenomenal, they will continue to come back!
  • Amazing TEAM:
If you are a fitness business owner and have the proper system in place to train up your coaches and make them incredible representatives of your facility, you will grow your business without ever having to worry about sacrificing your quality or service.
  • Referral Marketing:
Once you have a coaching system to guarantee your clients results, this is your next big step.

Internal referrals are the engine that drives the highest quality clients to you consistently, for the lifetime of your business...creating an outstanding business along the way.  
  • Ability To Leverage
As a coach or a business owner, you will eventually need to leverage your time. A proven successful training system will ensure that you will eventually be able to multiply yourself and your efforts which is the key to GROWTH!
So, What Do I Get And How Will It Help Me?
The vast majority of successful business owners have training programs that they created to fill the “gaps” of training certifications. 

After 20 years of training and 4 years of owning a business, I knew a top-notch internship program and training system was the answer.  

Today, I enjoy the fruits of this system. 
What you will get in the internship manual:

1. Complete start to finish training system from knowing core values to the strategy session.
2. Qualities of expert coaches. 
3. Mindset training. 
4. Personal Development 
5. Core Offerings Training 
6. Nutrition Training 
7. Trainer Expectations 
8. 8 weeks of homework lessons used to develop world class coaches. 
9. Book Reading Project 
10. Mastery of Internship Program Guidelines 
If you are a private coach, you understand that your training certification really did not teach you how to make money and succeed.

If you are a coach/business owner, you realize you will not succeed unless you do one very important thing: You have to hire and develop a team. 

Forget all the ways you have tried and failed in the past and swipe the system of a very successful training facility now. 

“Get the system I use today to coach myself and 8 other very successful coaches and interns and grow my business 500% in less than 4 years.” 

To your Success,
Fred Zoller

P.S. Take this FREE and amazing opportunity to learn from 20 years of experience and 4 years of incredible success so that you can create the future you want and deserve for yourself. 
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