Gain FREE, Instant Access to My 8 Proven, Expert PROGRAM Design Templates...
My name is Fred Zoller and I have created 8 programming templates that have completely changed the face of my business and the quality of our training.
I’ve learned that if you plan to train your clients long term and I know you do, you will need a SYSTEM of programming that keeps if fun, exciting and challenging adding variety while still being professional and results based. 
Here is your solution!
You will get the following templates: 
  • 2 Day Beginner Strength Template
  • 3 Day Advanced Strength Template
  • Endurance Density Template
  • Endurance Template
  • Power Training Template
  • Strength Endurance Template
  • Tabata Training Template
  • Strength Density Template
  • Exercise Library to choose from with over 350+ exercises!
Check out these Expert Program Design Templates!
These templates will give you the ability to produce high quality professional programs for your private personal training clients or your small or large groups! You will also be able to do it in a fraction of the time using these cheat sheets.
 “These are the exact templates I use at LEAN PERFORMANCE ACADEMY TO TRAIN OVER 500 CLIENTS in a 8000 sq ft facitliy that grosses over $600,000 a year!
These templates are priceless!!

Fred Zoller
Founder of LEAN Performance Academy
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